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Safe Streets Anglesey

Lonydd Llonydd Môn

Safe, convenient routes for every journey on Anglesey

Where it works

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Safe streets

Safe streets are nicer and healthier places to live in, and they help regenerate our town centres.  

We can all enjoy these same benefits on Anglesey, but we do need to let the people who make these decisions for us know we want change.

Lower speeds, better crossings, improved parking and access routes

Elsewhere in the UK

The UK has begun to change too. The people of Britain have seen what is happening elsewhere and want the same.

Nearly 8.4m people in the UK already live in areas where 20mph speed limits are in place. They now live in places where there are fewer accidents, less noise, less pollution, more walking and cycling, and cheaper, easier driving.


The countries of Northern Europe, especially the Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark lead the way in ensuring their people move around easily and safely.

It didn’t happen by accident. People petitioned their governments to ensure that existing routes were altered and new ones were built to new, safer standards.

These changes in the Netherlands saw child deaths on the roads decrease from over 400 in 1971 to 14 in 2010.

How we change things

None of the changes elsewhere would have happened unless the people who lived there showed their support. There are many ways you can do this too - sign our support form, put up a poster, write to your councillor, join a group

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Why we want this

Fast speeds, difficult crossings, and ill-considered parking and access routes add stress to a simple trip to a neighbour, the playground or the shops - these can all be changed for the better.