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Safe Streets Anglesey

Lonydd Llonydd Môn

Safe, convenient routes for every journey on Anglesey

Safe Streets Anglesey provides advice and support to help you make where you live safer.

We call for simple but effective improvements to the ways we move around our villages and towns.

Nobody can do this alone.

You and your neighbours can work together to let Anglesey County Council know you want change.

We can help, just contact us.

Safe Streets Anglesey

Make where you live safe

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What do you want your street, village or town to look like?

Better crossings? Safe cycle paths to schools and shops? Public spaces without fast cars?

Safe Streets Anglesey will help you make where you live safer.

We want Anglesey County Council to:

Set a 20mph speed limit in residential    areas

Build road crossing points at busy    areas that are fair to all users

Build separate pavements, cycle paths and roads for safe stress-free travel in built-up areas and on routes between principal towns and villages


*Your details are used for the purpose of collecting data to support this campaign only. Without them, councillors will not know that the people who live in their area want change. We will not pass on, sell or use your details for any other purpose.

Other areas in the UK and Europe are already benefiting from improved roads, crossings, pavements, and junctions. There, people of all ages and abilities can move around easily, however they wish.

You want change? What next?

Contact us to discuss choices and ways to achieve them.